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Are you looking for affordable turnkey steel frame houses, or do you want to see home designs? We provide competitive prices for turnkey home building. Houses designed by Wolf Construct, equipped for any budget.

Budget friendly steel frame houses

Depending on the budget, we have various options for metal structure house construction. They meet all current requirements. We can customize all houses according to your needs. The electronic price configurator generates the price quote.

Custom home building projects

Based on the provisions of the law, we design any model of metal structure house. Masonry house models can be converted to light metal structure. We will provide the necessary modifications in record time. Designing a custom construction takes between 7 and 15 business days.

Choose a turnkey house

We offer you the possibility to build the entire project with our team. It is not necessary to use other contractors for related work. In the list of extra options, you can find underfloor heating and interior finishes. Outside the house, we construct fences, automatic gates, and pedestrian paths. We perform decorative cladding for facades and foundation plinth. You can also contract septic tank installation or green space arrangements.

Home building payments are made in installments according to the work stages

Wolf Construct carries out turnkey construction according to the projects. We request payment for house constructions in installments, at the pre-established work stages. An advance of 10% of the contract value is paid to reserve the execution period. We specialize in mortgage loans.

We use quality materials only for steel frame houses

We use superior quality materials. We cut the metal structure automatically and reduce construction costs. We offer construction packages at the best prices.

We accept external house design and foundation construction

We are flexible in the construction process. It's ok to use your own architect for house design. You can also construct the foundation in-house and we will take care of the rest.

1% of the contract value remains in your account

1% of the total value of your contract is a guarantee of good execution. You make the payment two years after the completion . Any urgent technical problem encountered during the warranty period is covered financially.

Steel frame houses have superior seismic resistance and thermal efficiency

A metal structure is able to resist earthquakes much better than reinforced concrete due to its elasticity. The reduced wall thickness allows a larger useful surface area by approximately 20%. Filling with basalt wool increases the thermal coefficient compared to classical masonry solutions.

Metal home building is really fast

Depending on the model's complexity, home building takes between 90 and 120 working days. We can also execute only certain stages of the project if your budget is limited.

The Wolf Construct team

Wolf Construct has over 12 years of experience. We offer consulting for any metal structure building. We have an efficient resource management system. It allows us to simultaneously build steel frame houses in Europe. Call us now for free support!