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Types of works

The Wolf Construct portfolio contains numerous successfully completed projects, with a variety of customized services and solutions for each client. Our organization specializes in the construction of houses and buildings made of metal structures. We have a proven 12-year experience in the field of civil and industrial construction.

Turnkey house constructions portfolio

Regarding steel frame houses construction, we offer complete services from design and foundations to interior finishes and facade cladding. We focus on details and consider all client requirements.

Metal buildings constructions are part of our albums

Regarding hall construction, we specialize in designing and building industrial metal structures. Our packages are designed to be durable and energy-efficient. We have completed industrial hall projects, warehouses, and production spaces. We offer customized solutions according to client needs.

A complete services portfolio includes fence construction

Another important service provided by Wolf Construct is fence construction, which ensures the safety and privacy of the property. We offer a variety of fence options, from wood or concrete to wrought iron or aluminium.

Intermediate Construction Works

Among the works performed by the company, we can enumerate exclusively performed intermediate phases: house design, house foundations, interior finishes, facade cladding, interior wall cladding, the metal structure of houses, roof constructions, house installations, as well as other related works. We always ensure that each stage of construction is carried out with attention to detail and professionalism. Our experienced and dedicated team is ready brto respond to any request from clients and offer efficient solutions for any construction project. We are always available for consultations and meetings. Our goal is to deliver projects on time and within budget. Visit the Wolf Construct portfolio!