With the aim of leveraging the feedback we've received recently, today, we focus on clarifying some frequently asked questions regarding the customization of our Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum home construction packages.

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Can I Modify the Standardized Packages?

Of course, almost every aspect related to the materials used in our packages can be modified. What we propose on our website is a well-curated selection of possible configurations. Thanks to large-scale production, we can provide instant per square meter quotations using our pricing configurator.
However, adapting them to the specific requirements of each project requires an individual cost assessment, as illustrated in the detailed examples below.

Replacing Wall Insulation

Question: I want to replace the insulation material used in the composition of the walls for one of the Wolf Construct packages (e.g., Standard).

Answer: For a price quote, we need a finalized architectural project, along with the material list obtained from the architect. This way, we will determine the exact quantity of insulating material in square meters, allowing us to calculate any cost difference related to other desired materials, with the corresponding labor costs.

Replacing Joinery

Question: I want to replace the joinery for one of the Wolf Construct packages (e.g., Silver).

Answer: A finalized architectural project is required, along with the joinery plans.

  • If you want to upgrade from a Salamander joinery with 5 chambers and 2 glass panes to a Salamander joinery with 6 chambers and 3 glass panes, both of which are already included in our offers, we will calculate, based on the existing project, the price difference required.
  • If you want to opt for a different brand of joinery, we will evaluate the total cost of the joinery included in our package and remove it from the contract. You can then use that budget to purchase the desired joinery on your own.

Replacing Roof Covering

Question: I want to replace the roof sheeting for one of the Wolf Construct packages (e.g., Gold).

Answer: As in other similar situations, we will need a finalized architectural project, accompanied by the material list provided by the architect. We will calculate the total cost of the metal tile roof covering included in our package (including installation), and then the costs will be excluded from the contract. By this method, you can use the respective budget to purchase and install the desired roof covering on your own.
We emphasize the importance of communicating these preferences from the project's conceptual stage since the building's structure needs to be designed to support the additional weight of the roof (where applicable).

Basement and Sub-Basement Constructions

Question: I want to build a basement/sub-basement, but I haven't seen any prices on the website.

Answer: We cannot determine costs without a finalized foundation project. The required quantities of concrete and steel vary depending on the soil nature and specified depth, and the insulation layer requirements differ from project to project.

Usable Height Exceeding 2.7m per Level

Question: How much would it cost to increase the usable height to over 3m?

Answer: As in previous cases, a completed architectural project is necessary, along with the materials list obtained from the architect. We will assess the additional quantities of materials and associated labor costs based on the specific requirements of each project.

Home Construction with a Covered Terrace

Question: I want the covered terrace to be constructed from wood for financial or aesthetic reasons, etc.

Answer: Typically, covered terraces are an integral part of the building's metal structure. It is essential for the roof to have continuity between the two sections (house and terrace) to avoid any possible infiltrations. We will examine each case individually with the architect to recommend suitable solutions.

Additional Strengthening of Interior Walls

Question: I want to reinforce the partition walls with an additional layer of OSB to hang heavy furniture.

Answer: Reinforcing partition walls with an additional layer of OSB is an efficient solution for improving stability and structural resistance in that area. This technique is already used in all our packages and is based on the architectural project. This means that, from the conceptual stage, we know where heavy items will be placed, and the specific walls to be additionally covered with OSB. Examples include suspended cabinets in the kitchen, shelves and TV stands in the living room, storage units in bedrooms and dressing rooms, etc.
However, in case clients wish to cover all partition walls with an additional layer of OSB (not just the walls where heavy loads will be hung), a finalized architectural project, along with a material list from the architect, will be required.
However, we want to emphasize that this step is not necessary and can lead to unjustified construction cost increases. To the extent that there are budget constraints, the same financial resources could be allocated to purchasing higher-quality interior finishes, electric power generation systems through photovoltaic panels, heat pump-based heating systems, etc.

Custom Home Construction: Is It Really a Good Idea?

From our experience, most substantial improvements require significant financial investments. Choosing to customize a house can be a good idea, but it should be done carefully and based on the specific circumstances of each project.
When discussing home construction turnkey, it is important to balance the needs, the total budget, and the future potential of the building when making a decision.

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