Site organization is a key step in house construction. This process involves planning and coordinating resources, materials, and labor. Efficiency is essential to avoid delays and control costs.
The presence of infrastructure on the desired site plays an important role, both in the decision to acquire the land and in the actual construction of the desired house.

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Facilities Required for House Construction

To kickstart the construction work, it is necessary to ensure the following minimum facilities on-site:


It is crucial to have access to an electrical power source on the construction site to power equipment, electric tools, and lighting. Additionally, temporary construction facilities like mobile offices will also require electrical power.
In case you don't have the possibility to obtain electrical power, we can use our generators. The fuel consumed will be covered/purchased by you.

Running Water

Access to a water source is mandatory for general use on the construction site. This can be achieved through a water pipe, a well, or a water truck, depending on the location.

Eco-Friendly Toilet

Equally important is the management of human waste on the construction site. You can opt for renting a mobile eco-toilet, which is a hygienic and eco-friendly option.

Road Accessibility

  1. An authorization is required for the transportation of oversized goods, such as trucks, dump trucks, cranes, or other vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons. This authorization involves compliance with specific legal rules and procedures, depending on the location of the project.
  2. The access road between the road infrastructure and the project location must be designed to allow large equipment to successfully perform operations such as unloading heavy materials, mechanized concrete pouring, and excavations, etc. Otherwise, road construction is a separate project that falls under the responsibility of the client. Upon request, we can also carry out such work for an additional cost.

Naval Accessibility - House Construction Without Direct Road Access

Naval accessibility for the site is a basic requirement in the development of projects in areas with exclusive water access. This refers to the ability to bring materials, equipment, and labor to the site through water navigation.
The cost of water transportation and related fees are the responsibility of the client.


So, ensuring the basic facilities on the construction site is a mandatory component of house construction.

By adequately planning and organizing all these aspects, the construction client not only contributes to creating a safe and efficient working environment on the site but also ensures that the entire project is carried out in accordance with legal and quality standards.

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