Today we are talking about Wolf Construct metal frame houses and their advantages compared to masonry or wood.

Wolf Construct metal frame houses

The conflict in Ukraine had a negative impact on the economy. The high costs for energy consumers have led to major changes in the construction industry.

Reasons to choose Wolf Construct metal frame houses

Energy-efficient constructions are very popular in the current context. Below, we list some of the qualities of our steel frame houses.

Cost-effective foundations. Houses with metal structure have foundations that are up to 2-3 times lighter than those of masonry houses. This results in massive savings on construction materials and labor. The price difference can be used for interior finishes or other desired related works by the owner.

The quality and precision of execution are decisive factors in evaluating the final product. All metal profiles are computer-cut to exact dimensions in our factory. The assembly is done without welding on site with millimeter precision.

The durability of a metal house is at least equal to that of a brick house. The building frame is not directly exposed to the external environment, so its durability will be extended. Additionally, even if it comes into contact with the exterior, the galvanized steel is guaranteed for 75 years by the Austrian manufacturer Voestalpine. The manufacturer guarantees that the steel's resistance will last for 75 years in the open air. The house structure is covered on the exterior with OSB or fiber cement panels. The panels serve as a support material for exterior thermal insulation made of polystyrene or basalt wool. Inside, the metal profiles are filled with basalt wool and then plastered with gypsum board. Any metal construction made by us has a 10-year warranty for hidden defects.

Quick execution in any season. This is a real benefit for the future homeowner. Any stage, aside from the foundation and decorative plaster application, can be carried out without problems in the cold season. For example, a 200 square meter house can be completed within an estimated period of 90-120 days (depending on complexity).

What you gain in the long run?

Maximized interior space. Steel frame houses offer the best ratio between built and usable area. The metal profiles in the walls have a reduced thickness, providing a larger usable area. On average, for a 100 square meter steel house, the usable area is 10-12% smaller than the built area. In a classic brick house, the usable area is smaller by 20-25%.

Reduced energy consumption - Annual heating costs for a steel house are 75% lower than for a brick house. The 4 packages in our offer have been energetically optimized to achieve maximum thermal compliance within the allocated budget. (Standard / Silver / Gold and Platinum).

Seismic resistance is the strong point of a building on a steel structure. Steel can absorb and distribute seismic forces more efficiently than other materials, such as bricks or wood. The flexible structure is designed to adapt to the movement of the earth during an earthquake.

Conclusions about Wolf Construct metal frame houses

The metal structure is an efficient, durable, and economical solution for building homes. Also, we invite you to view our section of Wolf Construct metal frame houses. Any model can be easily designed or modified according to the needs of the beneficiary. The process takes approximately 3 weeks.

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