Steel frame house 250-065

250.49 sqm (15.00 x 10.80 lm)
4 rooms + 3 baths
building site pics

This steel frame house number 250-065 impresses with its generous terraces of approximately 50 square meters on the ground floor and 30 square meters on the top floor. The model has 3 bedrooms: one on the ground floor and two spacious bedrooms on the top floor with their own bathrooms. The partially brick-exposed facades give the building a Mediterranean appearance. The two story building can be constructed on a site with a minimum road opening of 15.80 linear meters. A family of 4-5 members will have all the necessary comfort for living by choosing this model.


Total area (sqm): 250.49
House footprint (sqm): 169.99
Usable area (sqm): 133.62
Terraces and balconies area (sqm): 80.5
Footprint (lm): 15.00 x 10.80
Building height (nr.): 2-story
Ground floor area (sqm): 104.02
Covered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 49.85
1st floor area (sqm): 65.97
Uncovered terraces / balconies on the 1st floor (sqm): 30.65

Tips and tricks

In bank evaluations, 60% of the value of a construction is represented by the sum of the value of the foundation and the structural resistance of the building, the remaining percentage is allocated for the execution of walls, roof, and installations. To streamline the construction process and the acquisition of necessary materials, we have adapted our payment system based on major work phases. For projects financed through banks, payment tranches are personalized according to their policies. Waiting and approval periods between tranches are not included in our displayed execution terms. In most cases, the beneficiary's contribution to financing a construction project starts from a minimum percentage of 10%-15% own contribution. The bank will pay the rest of the amount in instalments.

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