Steel frame house 248-057

248.4 sqm (10.25 x 15.00 lm)
4 rooms + 3 baths
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This steel frame house model 248-057 is part of our collection of modern and impressive design projects. The two storey building is designed on 2 levels and features 2 terraces on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor. On the ground floor, the home features a living room, spacious kitchen, bathroom, and technical room - all accessible from the central hallway. The ground floor also includes an integrated garage in the building structure. The first floor houses the night area consisting of 3 bedrooms. The master bedroom includes a dressing room and private bathroom and has dedicated access to the generous terrace above the garage. A shared bathroom is designed for the other 2 bedrooms. The minimum required width for the placement of this house is 20 linear meters. The construction is dedicated to a family of 4 people.


Total area (sqm): 248.4
House footprint (sqm): 194.17
Usable area (sqm): 156.93
Terraces and balconies area (sqm): 54.23
Footprint (lm): 10.25 x 15.00
Building height (nr.): 2-story
Ground floor area (sqm): 111.89
Covered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 4.76
Uncovered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 15.84
1st floor area (sqm): 82.28
Covered terraces / balconies on the 1st floor (sqm): 6.15
Uncovered terraces / balconies on the 1st floor (sqm): 27.48

Tips and tricks

Our predefined equipment does not include interior finishes such as tiles, flooring, doors, bathroom fixtures, central heating and heating objects. Finishes will be purchased based on a separate budget. They represent the practical comfort level of the house. They depend on aesthetic and financial considerations of the owners. High-quality interior finishes tend to last over time and thus amortize cost differences. The term "high-quality" depends on individual preferences and budgeting within a maximum budget. Most people want "medium finishes", but this term does not have a clear definition. Regardless of the finishes chosen, we can only provide labour or a package of purchase plus labour through a separate service contract from the house construction.
For all materials used, a guarantee is provided by the suppliers.

Wolf Construct advantages

Warranty 75 years
Competitive price
All with a single contractor
Realtime price calculator
Customized design
International coverage
Turnkey house 90-120 days
Execution in any season
Open showroom
Energy efficiency
Seismic resistance
European standards compliance

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