Steel frame house 100-116

100 sqm (12.70 x 8.60 lm)
3 rooms + 1 baie
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This residential model is designed on a single level. The steel frame house includes two bedrooms, one master and the other for children, with a specially arranged office space.
The living area is characterized by a centrally located living room, which provides direct access to the closed kitchen, equipped with a pantry, and to the open terrace, ideal for sunny days. The bathroom is designed to include a bathtub, ensuring a comfortable and functional space.
The exterior appearance of this 100 sqm house with 3 rooms and 1 bathroom reflects the mediterranean style, highlighting typical architectural influences through the use of characteristic aesthetic and functional elements.


Total area (sqm):100
House footprint (sqm): 87.31
Usable area (sqm): 74.19
Terraces area (sqm): 12.69
Footprint (lm): 12.70 x 8.60
Building height (nr.): 1-story
Ground floor area (sqm): 87.31
Uncovered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 12.69

Tips and tricks

Landscaping for a new home, especially when it involves soil filling, requires careful planning to ensure a beautiful and functional landscape. Here are some tips:
Soil Evaluation: Check the quality of the brought-in soil. If it's poor in nutrients, add compost or other organic fertilizers to improve fertility.
Leveling the Ground: Make sure the soil is well compacted and leveled. A uniform surface is essential for proper drainage and to prevent erosion.
Plant Selection: Choose native plants that are resilient to the local climate. These are easier to maintain and require less water. Shrubs, perennial flowers, and lawns are popular options.
Drainage: Install a drainage system to prevent water accumulation. Underground drainage pipes and gutters are effective in managing rainwater.
Lighting: Include landscape lighting to create a pleasant ambiance and enhance security. Solar lights are an eco-friendly and easy-to-install option.
Irrigation: An automatic irrigation system can help maintain a healthy green space. Ensure all areas are evenly covered.
Decorative Elements: Add pavements, pathways, and borders to define areas and provide a neat appearance.
Garden Furniture: Choose durable, weather-resistant pieces to create relaxing and social spaces.
By following these tips, you can create a pleasant and functional green space around your new home.

Wolf Construct advantages

Warranty 75 years
Competitive price
All with a single contractor
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Customized design
International coverage
Turnkey house 90-120 days
Execution in any season
Open showroom
Energy efficiency
Seismic resistance
European standards compliance

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