Steel frame house 152-115

152.66 sqm (12.12 x 8.25 lm)
4 rooms + 2 baths
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The steel frame house covers 150 sqm distributed over two levels. On the ground floor, the open plan includes a generous living room that incorporates the dining area, creating an open-space together with the kitchen. The entrance area is marked by a vestibule with storage space, adjacent to a spacious pantry and a compact guest bathroom. At the back, the uncovered terrace spans an area of 10 square meters.
The upper floor is divided into four distinct areas, accessible from a central hallway: three bedrooms and a shared bathroom.
For this three-bedroom house, the architect chose a modern exterior design with decorative accents around the windows on predominantly white facades. The dimensions of this house model on 2 levels are 12.12 x 8.25 meters, product code: 152-115.


Total area (sqm): 152.66
House footprint (sqm): 140
Usable area (sqm): 106.28
Terraces (sqm): 12.66
Footprint (lm): 12.12 x 8.25
Building height (nr.): 2-story
Ground floor area (sqm): 70
Uncovered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 12.66
1st floor area (sqm): 70

Tips and tricks

Conducting a geotechnical study is essential for assessing soil conditions before constructing a house. This study identifies the type of soil, its bearing capacity, and potential risks, thus preventing long-term structural problems.
The stages of the study include a preliminary investigation, drilling and sampling to collect soil samples, and testing these samples in a laboratory. The results are analyzed and included in a geotechnical report, which provides recommendations for foundation design and other necessary measures for the stability of the construction.
The main benefits of a geotechnical study are:
Construction Safety: Ensures the correct design of the foundation and structure of the house to withstand soil conditions.
Financial Savings: Prevents costly structural problems in the long term by addressing risks before construction.
Regulatory Compliance: Meets legal requirements and local regulations, which often mandate a geotechnical study.
A well-conducted geotechnical study contributes to the durability and safety of a house, being an important step in the construction process. Collaborating with specialized third-party firms for such work is essential to obtain accurate results for foundation design.

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