Steel frame duplex house 399-066

399.04 sqm (15.46 x 8.77 lm)
12 rooms + 4 baths
building site pics

The model 399-066 is a steel frame duplex house that belongs to the modern buildings category. It's designed for two families, each with 4-5 members. The duplex is designed for a lot with a street opening of at least 20.46 linear meters. The main rooms on the ground floor of this dwelling are a living room with direct access to the yard, a kitchen, and an office. The first floor of the 3 story house plan includes 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, while the attic provides a spacious open area with 2 storage rooms.


Total area (sqm): 399.04
House footprint (sqm): 377.22
Usable area (sqm): 308
Terraces and balconies area (sqm): 21.82
Footprint (lm): 15.46 x 8.77
Building height (nr.): 3-story
Ground floor area (sqm): 125.74
Covered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 10.66
Uncovered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 1.1
1st floor area (sqm): 125.74
Uncovered terraces / balconies on the 1st floor (sqm): 10.06
2nd floor area (sqm): 125.74

Tips and tricks

Expansion/upper floor/attic works, first and foremost require technical expertise. In these situations, the physical condition of the building is evaluated and measures are established for consolidation, where necessary. After the expertise and in accordance with the law, the architect and structural engineers will design the desired construction. Only after these procedures can we correctly evaluate the value of such work, otherwise we do not know the degree of consolidation required. The materials extracted as a result of the design can lead to doubling the estimated costs without expertise.
We offer free telephone and email consultation through a specialized architect, analyzing each case separately.
Projects that have already passed the authorization phase will be examined and rated based on the technical configuration approved by law. General price offers cannot be applied in such cases.

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