Steel frame house 190-114

190.5 sqm (10.65 x 8.55 lm)
4 rooms + 3 baths
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The 2 story house code 114 stands out with its modern architecture and harmonious layout, spread over two levels.
On the ground floor, the space is designed to be open and airy, integrating the living room, dining area, and kitchen into an impressive unitary space, with an area of approximately 51 square meters. The vestibule includes a storage space, and the bathroom is designed to also accommodate a washing machine. Under the staircase leading to the upper floor, there is additional storage space.
On the upper level, there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room, and a storage closet. Notably, access between the master bedroom and its en-suite bathroom is through the dressing room.
The 190sqm steel frame house with a small terrace at the back is ideal for relaxing on sunny summer days. The 2 story house has a modern design, highlighted by decorative details between the windows, giving it an extra touch of style and refinement.


Total area (sqm): 190.5
House footprint (sqm): 170
Usable area (sqm): 133.87
Terraces area (sqm): 20.5
Footprint (lm): 10.65 x 8.55
Building height (nr.): 2-story
Ground floor area (sqm): 83.4
Covered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 4.5
Uncovered terraces on the ground floor (sqm): 16
1st floor area (sqm): 86.6

Tips and tricks

Underfloor heating is a modern and efficient solution for home climate control, offering numerous advantages compared to traditional heating systems like radiators. One of the most notable benefits of this system is the even distribution of heat. Because the heat source is located under the entire floor surface, the temperature remains constant and uniform throughout the room, eliminating cold spots and overheated areas.
The energy efficiency of underfloor heating is also remarkable. Operating at lower temperatures than traditional radiators, this system requires less energy to achieve the same level of thermal comfort. As a result, energy consumption is reduced, leading to significant long-term savings on heating bills.
Enhanced thermal comfort is another major advantage. Underfloor heating provides a pleasant sensation of warmth underfoot and maintains a constant temperature in the room, contributing to a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment. Additionally, this system does not require visible radiators, allowing for greater flexibility in interior design and a cleaner aesthetic appearance.

Wolf Construct advantages

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Competitive price
All with a single contractor
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Customized design
International coverage
Turnkey house 90-120 days
Execution in any season
Open showroom
Energy efficiency
Seismic resistance
European standards compliance

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