House fence GA09

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visible height 160 cm
foundation 30 cm + base 20 cm

Metal house fence construction is part of our category of boundary fences, with a continuous foundation and reinforced concrete base. Square steel posts and zinc-coated woven mesh panels are mounted above the concrete base.


Visible height: 160 cm
Base height: 20 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 30 cm
Pillar type: Square steel post, 50x50x2 mm, visible height = 1.40 m
Panel type: Woven, galvanized mesh, on the roll

Tips and tricks

Any fencing requires a building permit. From the point of view of Romanian legislation, the type of materials used does not matter. Similarly, the fact that your fence has or does not have a foundation does not matter. The only exceptions allowed by law are natural fences or those made of mobile panels. The application file for the permit will include the following documents: a certificate of urbanism, all up-to-date permits specified in the certificate of urbanism, property documents of the land and buildings, a fence project executed by an architect, and proof that legal taxes have been paid. Depending on the regulations specific to your area, a different set of documentation or procedures might be needed.