House fence GA10

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visible height 190 cm
foundation 30 cm + base 20 cm

GA10 concrete and wooden house fence is an inexpensive model designed with a continuous foundation and with rectangular steel poles. The panels are made out of a grooved board with a treatment applied for wood protection.


Visible height: 190 cm
Base height: 20 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 30 cm
Pillar type: teava rectangulara otel 50x50x2 mm; H vizibil = 1,70 cm
Panel type: Routed wooden beam 8x2x205 cm at the bottom; routed wooden beam 5x2x205 cm at the top; wood treatment impregnant.

Tips and tricks

For fences located on the property line, a notarial agreement between neighbours is necessary and advisable. Otherwise, the neighbour who builds the fence can be sued for trespassing on land that they do not own. Legally, the fencing will be considered a shared partition and the construction costs can be shared between the beneficiaries. A simple and hassle-free option is to build the fence only on one's own land, on the side of the property line where there is sufficient land, of course. It is important to always check and comply with the local laws and regulations regarding property boundaries and fencing.