House fence GA03

building site pics
visible height 200 cm
foundation 50 cm + base 40 cm

GA03 wood house fence has square steel posts and a 40 cm high reinforced concrete base. The panels are made of a grooved board with a protective treatment. This construction with steel posts has a visible height of 2 meters.


Visible height: 200 cm
Base height: 40 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 50 cm
Pillar type: Rectangular steel pipe 50x50x2 mm; visible height = 1.70 cm
Panel type: Wood: 100x2.5x250 cm grooved beam and 5x5 cm posts; wood treatment for preservation.

Tips and tricks

The height of the common fence between neighbours will be the one provided by the law, the local zoning regulations or local customs. In the absence of these, the law in Romania generally states that the height should be established between neighbours, without exceeding 2 meters.
In Romania, any property owner has the right, not the obligation, to enclose their property.
In the new civil code, however, there is an obligation to enclose related to the common fence between properties, which gives the owner the right to ask the neighbours to contribute to the construction of a common partition. The obligation to enclose is an accessory of the right to acquire co-ownership of the common partition, which is why it loses its validity if one of the neighbours renounces this right. It is important to always check and comply with the local laws and regulations regarding property boundaries and fencing.