House fence GA01

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visible height 190 cm
foundation 30 cm + base 20 cm

The GA01 metal house fence stands out for its favourable quality/price ratio and is generally recommended for side fencing. The fence panels are made of galvanized welded mesh. The fence has a concrete base and T-posts.


Visible height: 190 cm
Base height: 20 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 30 cm
Pillar type: T-Posts, 30x30x2 mm, visible height = 1.70 m
Panel type: Galvanized mesh, bordered, 3.8-4.9 mm

Tips and tricks

The first step required for building a fence in Romania is obtaining a certificate of urbanism from the city hall. Afterwards, the architect will prepare the DTAC - Technical Documentation for obtaining the Building Permit. This documentation will include: a site plan - a topographic base for the execution project of the object to be designed and executed, and a specific technical memorandum with a description of all the components of the fence, including materials used, textures, and execution details.
The validity of the building permit is 12 calendar months and can be extended for no more than 24 months. Depending on the regulations specific to your area, a different set of documentation or procedures might be needed.