Steel frame building 971-005

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971.88 sqm (41.25 x 16.67 lm)

The 971-005 steel frame building is designed for auto service, both for small and larger vehicles. On the ground floor, this commercial construction incorporates a centrally located reception and waiting area, with a restroom for visitors, 3 rooms with ramps for small vehicles, a room with a ramp for larger vehicles, a workshop for auto parts repairs, 3 storage areas for spare parts, and locker rooms with restrooms for the employed personnel (men and women). The floor designed only above the reception area includes a circulation and waiting hall from which the director's office can be accessed, a meeting room, and gender-separated restrooms. This auto service two story building is equipped with 43 parking spaces, including a parking space for people with disabilities, on the outside.


Total area (sqm): 971.88
Gross floor area of hall (sqm): 722.1
Gross floor area of offices (sqm): 249.78
Usable area of hall (sqm): 426.29
Usable area of offices (sqm): 213
Total footprint length x width (m): 41.25 x 16.67
Total height regime (nr): 2 story
Usable height of hall (m): 5.5
Usable height of office level (m): 2.7
Built-up area of hall ground floor (sqm): 597.52
Built-up area of hall first floor (sqm): 124.58
Built-up area of office ground floor (sqm): 124.89
Built-up area of office first floor (sqm): 124.89
Number of offices (nr): 2

Tips and tricks

For metal frame halls, ceilings can be designed and built from:
1. Standard white / acoustic blue gypsum board for sound insulation / fire-resistant red / moisture-resistant green, of different thicknesses
2. Ceiling panelling made of mineral fiber / gypsum board. Depending on the needs, the panels can have an active role in improving the acoustics of the rooms.