Steel frame building 3894-003

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3894.39 sqm (45.50 x 75.60 lm)

The steel frame building project described covers an area of 3,894 square meters, of which 1,640 square meters are dedicated to industrial production. The building has a three story administrative pavilion attached to the right. On the ground floor of the pavilion, there is a reception hall with an office, security and bathroom, a 60-person dining room with a cold food kitchen and separate restrooms for women and men. The first floor is partitioned as follows: an office area with a conference room, a waiting area, a room for monitoring production activity, archives, and bathrooms. The second floor offers a conference room, offices, a waiting area and a generous terrace. The exterior of the construction includes, among other things, 2 access control buildings, 14 parking spaces for cars and 4 parking spaces for cargo vehicles.


Total area (sqm): 3894.39
Gross floor area of hall (sqm): 2507.95
Gross floor area of offices (sqm): 1150.34
Area of terraces + balconies (sqm): 236.1
Usable area of hall (sqm): 2255.85
Usable area of offices (sqm): 1060.67
Total footprint length x width (m): 45.50 x 75.60
Total height regime (nr): 3 story
Usable height of hall (m): 7.4
Usable height of office level (m): 2.6
Built-up area of hall ground floor (sqm): 1849.68
Built-up area of hall first floor (sqm): 658.27
Built-up area of office ground floor (sqm): 424.31
Built-up area of office first floor (sqm): 477.23
Built-up area of office second floor (sqm): 248.8
Terraces on ground floor (sqm): 46.2
Terraces and balconies on second floor (sqm): 189.9
Number of offices (nr): 13

Tips and tricks

For metal structure warehouses, the following constructive solutions are distinguished for foundations:
1. Insulated concrete foundations, made of concrete blocks, positioned in trenches dug at the location of the metal posts, according to the resistance project. These are suitable for land with good bearing capacity.
2. Continuous foundations with reinforced concrete beams, earth fillings and compacted sand, and gravel layers.
3. Slab foundations, used in buildings with basements, have a thick and continuous reinforced concrete plate that is located under the entire construction.