House fence GA06

building site pics
visible height 200 cm
foundation 50 cm + base 40 cm

Square steel house fence construction is designed with a 40 cm high reinforced concrete foundation, square pipe poles, and panels made out of angled metal bars at 30 degrees. After the construction of the fence, the metal part can be painted in the desired colour by the owner.


Visible height: 200 cm
Base height: 40 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 50 cm
Pillar type: Square steel pipe, 50x50x2 mm; caps made of 1 mm thick steel plate
Panel type: Metal bars, 2.5x5x160 cm, inclined at 30°

Tips and tricks

Metal fences are generally appreciated for their structural durability. The maintenance of such a fence is recommended to be done regularly. This necessary activity includes the following steps: cleaning with a wire brush and sandpaper, applying a primer layer intended for metal products, and applying a paint layer in 2 layers. The painting can be done either mechanized - using a paint sprayer, or manually - using a brush.