House fence GA13

building site pics
visible height 220 cm
foundation 40 cm + base 20 cm

The galvanized welded mesh house fence is made from concrete, metal, and crushed stone. The stone filling between the two galvanized meshes offers security and privacy while maintaining a natural look. The meshes of this gabion fence filled with rocks are supported by posts made of rectangular tubes 10x10x3 mm. From a technical standpoint, this construction model needs a 40 cm foundation and a 20 cm base.


Visible height: 220 cm
Base height: 20 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 40 cm
Pillar type: Rectangular steel pipe 10x10x3 mm
Panel type: Galvanized wire mesh filled with crushed stone.

Tips and tricks

Metal is a widely used, affordable, and easy to use material for building fences. It is an elegant and classic choice that suits both large properties and luxury homes as well as other types of properties. However, the need for a concrete foundation is mandatory for long-term durability. This type of fence does not provide a high level of privacy, but it can be accompanied by vegetation to shield the property from passersby and create a more natural appearance.