House fence GA11

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visible height 185 cm
foundation 50 cm + base 40 cm

This GA11 is a concrete house fence with vertical wooden panels. It impresses with its verticality and curved panels at the top, providing a traditional Romanian look. The concrete base and pillars create a solid look and feel. The model design also includes conical concrete caps on the posts, providing additional durability over time.


Visible height: 185 cm
Base height: 40 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 50 cm
Pillar type: Reinforced concrete 20x20 cm
Panel type: Wood - sanded 12x2 cm board with wood impregnation treatment.

Tips and tricks

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for building a fence. It is an advantageous material because it has an affordable price, is practical, provides an elegant look to the garden and can be easily built even if you don't have experience in the field. Another advantage of a wooden fence is that it can be easily repaired.
It is also necessary to treat the wood if you want it to last over time. To protect it from natural factors, you can regularly apply a coat of wood preservative or fireproof varnish.
You can also choose a wood paint, which will need to be reapplied when it deteriorates.
If treated with a protective substance, the lifespan of a wooden fence can reach up to 30 years.