House fence GA07

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visible height 200 cm
foundation 50 cm + base 80 cm

The GA07 house fence model is made with concrete and abstract-looking planed wood panels. The construction has a 50 cm deep foundation and an 80 cm tall base. All the pillars are designed with conical caps.


Visible height: 200 cm
Base height: 80 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 50 cm
Pillar type: Reinforced concrete 40x20 cm
Panel type: Wood - sanded 100x2.5x250 cm board; 5x5 cm supports; wood impregnation treatment.

Tips and tricks

When you purchase a ready-built house or have a completed construction project, you can delimit the property with a permanent fence. But, if you only have a plot of land and do not yet have a clear picture of the construction or the resources needed for a permanent fence, there are temporary solutions available. The mesh fence is a popular and affordable solution for property delimitation, but it offers a low level of security. It is important to consider your needs and financial capabilities before choosing a type of fence for your property.