House fence GA08

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visible height 200 cm
foundation 90 cm + base 80 cm

GA08 concrete house fence is a very simar project to the GA05. The model has the following features: the base is 80 cm instead of 40 cm, and the foundation depth is 90 cm instead of 50 cm. The brick masonry panels pattern has been replaced for a distinct look.


Visible height: 200 cm
Base height: 80 cm
Base width: 20 cm
Foundation type: continuous
Foundation depth: 90 cm
Pillar type: Reinforced concrete 20x20 cm
Panel type: Brick and stone masonry 24x6.3x11.5 cm; Danke clear stone varnish; 0.42x0.33 m concrete tile, red, above the final height of the fence.

Tips and tricks

A fence is an essential element of a property, which delimits the space and provides a pleasant aesthetic appearance. It can be constructed from different materials, such as wood or sheet metal, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The fence is also important for providing privacy for the home and garden, protecting the property from prying eyes. It is important to choose a material and design that matches the style and needs of your household.