Steel frame building 515-007

building site pics
514.85 sqm (10.00 x 24.00 lm)

Affordable steel frame building designed for production, storage, and public catering, with spaces distributed over 2 levels. On the ground floor, the building has storage rooms, a changing room for the staff, an office, food, and dishwashing spaces. Also, the architect included a refrigeration room, a kitchen for hot and cold preparations, a pastry shop, and a dining room for 24 people at the front.
On the upper floor, there is a kitchen for exclusively cold preparations, a children's room, restrooms, and an event room with access to a loggia. This commercial level is only accessible by exterior stairs and can operate independently of the ground floor. The exterior finish of the facades has been designed with sandwich panels and can be customized in different colours. The affordable 2 story construction can be built in 2 variations depending on the available budget.


Total area (sqm): 514.85
Gross floor area of hall (sqm): 480
Area of terraces + balconies (sqm): 34.85
Usable area of hall (sqm): 437.43
Total footprint length x width (m): 10.00 x 24.00
Total height regime (nr): 2 story
Usable height of hall (m): 5.5
Usable height of office level (m): 2.7
Built-up area of hall ground floor (sqm): 240
Built-up area of office first floor (sqm): 240
Terraces on ground floor (sqm): 29.73
Terraces and balconies on first floor (sqm): 5.12
Number of offices (nr): 1

Tips and tricks

For lightweight metal structures, depending on the desired insulation, the space's destination, and preferences, we carry out 3 systems of exterior wall closures:
1. OSB cladding, 10 cm or 15 cm expanded polystyrene thermal system, decorative plaster on the exterior with the colour of choice
2. Fiber cement cladding, 10 cm or 15 cm exterior basalt wool thermal system, decorative plaster on the exterior with the colour of choice
3. Sandwich panels with 4-15 cm polyurethane foam filling, galvanized steel sheet on the exterior with the colour of choice