Steel frame building 387-002

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387.5 sqm (22.50 x 12.50 lm)

The steel frame building construction is intended for production. The building also includes a 2 storey administrative pavilion. In addition, the production space has a surface area of almost 250 square meters. The pavilion is partitioned as follows: on the ground floor, a showroom for product presentation and separate restrooms have been planned, while the first floor features an open space for offices and separate restrooms for men and women. Two street-level entrances for goods transportation have been taken into consideration in the exterior of the building. The industrial building can be located on the street if the zoning regulations of the desired location allow it, or isolated on a lot.


Total area (sqm): 387.5
Gross floor area of hall (sqm): 250
Gross floor area of offices (sqm): 137.5
Usable area of hall (sqm): 244.77
Usable area of offices (sqm): 127.16
Total footprint length x width (m): 22.50 x 12.50
Total height regime (nr): 2 story
Usable height of hall (m): 5
Usable height of office level (m): 2.6
Built-up area of hall ground floor (sqm): 250
Built-up area of office ground floor (sqm): 68.75
Built-up area of office first floor (sqm): 68.75
Number of offices (nr): 1

Tips and tricks

For heavy metal structures, depending on the desired insulation, the space's destination and preferences, we carry out 3 systems of exterior wall closures:
1. Sandwich panels with 4-15 cm polyurethane foam filling, galvanized steel sheet on the exterior with the colour of choice
2. Brick or BCA masonry walls, with or without exterior polystyrene or basalt wool thermal system, mechanized or manual plaster on the exterior with the colour of choice
3. Curtain walls made of glass and aluminium