Steel frame building 2039-009

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2039.02 sqm (30.25 x 60.25 lm)

This steel frame building, designed for truck service, has a partially 2 floor height. The main space of the building is the truck service hall, with a usable height of 7.70 m, 5 entries and exits for vehicles and 8 pedestrian access points. The floor of this hall is located towards the rear facade, above the exit area for trucks and includes accessible spaces through an interior balcony, which can be reached directly from the hall through two metal stairs. On the commercial floor area, we find two offices, one for the reception and one for the management, a conference room, changing room and restrooms organized by gender. In the exterior of this construction, two guard cabins have been designed, a customizable administrative pavilion to fit the tenant's needs, and 20 parking spaces for trucks.


Total area (sqm): 2039.02
Gross floor area of hall (sqm): 1955.66
Usable area of hall (sqm): 1979.88
Usable area of offices (sqm): 83.36
Total footprint length x width (m): 30.25 x 60.25
Total height regime (nr): 2 story
Usable height of hall (m): 7.70 ; 2.60
Built-up area of hall ground floor (sqm): 1822.56
Built-up area of hall first floor (sqm): 133.1
Terraces and balconies on first floor (sqm): 83.36
Number of offices (nr): 3

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