From the very beginning of the first metal houses constructions, we have been committed to researching and developing our equipment, giving special importance to the following aspects:

  • the technology of metal structure production
  • achieving a high level of flexibility.

The remarkable technological evolution in recent years has allowed us to diversify equipment into distinct price classes, in line with customer requirements and current trends.

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Wolf Construct Fundamental Criteria

As our industry has advanced and become more sophisticated, we have ensured that we never abandon our core principles. We have firmly anchored them at the heart of what we do.
These principles include the following:

Safe Building Development

The safety of our constructions is essential, both for the protection of workers and future occupants. We have focused our business on metal constructions because we aim to:

  • build quickly and efficiently
  • be protected against high-magnitude earthquakes
  • create fire-resistant constructions
  • protect the environment.

The metal structure we produce is European certified and comes with a 75-year warranty. Design is computerized, and cutting is done using state-of-the-art equipment.

Thermal and Acoustic Comfort

The thermal and acoustic insulation system is rigorously designed, using only high-quality materials and renowned joinery. This approach guarantees exceptional results and contributes to reducing energy consumption by a factor of up to 3-4 times compared to traditional brick constructions.

'White Finish' Metal Houses

Since customer needs vary significantly, we offer our standardized packages in a construction phase known as 'white finish.' This construction phase involves:

  • completing the exterior of the building
  • painting interior walls with washable white paint
  • preparing floors for the installation of final finishes
  • integrating electrical, heating, and plumbing routes.

Choosing the 'white finish' option provides a flexible base that allows future occupants to personalize the interior according to their budget for finishes and personal preferences regarding quality and final appearance. Of course, upon the customer's request, we can complete the construction turnkey according to their preferences.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to a continuous improvement process, regularly updating our construction equipment. This keeps us in line with technological advancements in the industry and ensures the delivery of homes at the highest available quality standards. Our process centers around the relationship with each individual customer.


To better suit requirements, budgets, and climatic specifics, our packages are divided into four distinct classes: Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
These four metal houses packages are developed and optimized by working directly with our clients. We consider numerous factors that enter this decision-making process:

  • technical requirements
  • construction purpose
  • lifecycle needs
  • performance levels
  • specific zoning requirements
  • economic considerations.

Conclusion of Wolf Construct Metal House Equipment

We place special emphasis on the final product, viewed as the result of the harmony of its components. This approach helps us bring our customers' visions to life.

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