Learn how to build your house with Wolf Construction Company. Step by step stages and payments guide for our clients.

The light metal frame technology is becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to its numerous benefits. Among the advantages are outstanding thermal insulation and quick and precise execution. The usable space is more generous than in conventional masonry options.

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Designing a house on a lightweight metal structure

The first stage in building a house on a lightweight steel structure is its design. In this stage, the dimensions, shape, and overall design of the house are determined. Also, the specifications for the metal structure, thermal and acoustic insulation are established. We have four predefined packages: Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Customized equipment can also be chosen. Payment is made in 2 equal installments:

  • 50% in advance upon signing the design contract. It includes the architectural design and all the necessary documentation for obtaining the construction permit.
  • 50% in advance upon delivery of the documents from the previous phase. It includes electrical, thermal, sanitary installation projects, and technical details.

Building a house with Wolf construction company

Below we explain the main stages and payments for home building.

10% in advance to reserve the period for the house construction

In this phase, the construction contract is signed, and the building is scheduled. The reservation of the period is made based on the estimated date of obtaining the approval. Site organization is also included.

50% in advance for foundation and the installation of the structure

The foundation is designed by a structural engineer according to the imposed standards. The project is less complex than in the case of traditional masonry buildings. Significant savings are made on materials such as iron and concrete. Based on the project, the metal profiles are cut and pre-assembled. The process takes place in a controlled environment, in the factory. The structure is transported to the construction site, where the installation will take place. All elements are assembled according to the installation plans, including the staircase between levels.

39% in advance for wall cladding, roofing, and installations

This phase begins with the metal tile roof. Subsequently, the exterior and interior walls are closed. Screeds are poured, and electrical, thermal, and sanitary lines are installed.

1% is a good execution guarantee from our construction company

The good execution guarantee remains in the beneficiary's account for 2 years. It is used for urgent repairs, if necessary. At the end of the term, the remaining amount will be transferred to the company. Do not confuse with other types of guarantees:

  • 1-year guarantee for good workmanship
  • 10-year guarantee for hidden defects

Other related services

It is possible to opt for interior finishes, fencing, walkways. Upon request, we can also provide other types of work. "All-inclusive" offers are quoted by our construction company only based on a house project and client's preferences.

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